Agent: Jaye Riske | Tel: 604.294.FILM | Fax: 604.294.3457

Film & Television (selected credits)
Once Upon A Time In Wonderland (TV series)Actor (recurring)Michael Slovis / ABC
A Daughter's Nightmare (MOW)ActorVic Sarin / Lifetime
The Actress Diaries (web series)LeadLisa Hughes / Just Joy Productions
Continuum (TV series)ActorSimon Barry / SYFY/Showcase
Cult (TV series)ActorAllan Kroeker / CW
Rogue (series)ActorNick Murphy / DIRECTV
Once Upon A Time (series)ActorMichael Waxman / ABC
The Killing (Pilot)ActorPatty Jenkins / FOX
Untold Stories of ER "The Nun and Other Lady"PrincipalPaul Ziller / TLC
Tora (short)LeadWendy Ord / Mountain Lake Films
Untold Stories of ER "Dead, No Alive"PrincipalDavid Masser / TLC
This Bleeding Heart (short)PrincipalKevan Funk / Bravo
New West Police PrincipalTony Dean Smith / Borderless World
Death And a Salesman (short)LeadKevan Funk / Funk Bros Productions
Firebear Called Them Faith Healers (short)LeadKelvin Redvers / SFU
Architekt (short)LeadGosia Kamela / Gokart Pictures

Commercials (selected credits)
Campbell SoupPrincipalNorth America, 2010
MattelPrincipalNorth America, 2010
AnthemFeaturedNorth America, 2010
Carnival CruisePrincipalNorth America, 2009
Discover CardPrincipalUS National, 2009
CymbaltaPrincipalNorth America, 2008
ICBCPrincipalBC Regional, 2012
Simmons MattressPrincipalNorth America, 2011
German TV StationPrincipalGermany, 2011
RonaPrincipalCanadian National, 2011

HamletOpheliaJonathan Seinen / Swallowabicycle Theatre Calgary
Speed-the-PlowKarenMariam Bernstein / WJT
The Cherry OrchardVaryaRichard Greenblatt / Studio Theatre
The ClinkQueen Elizabeth ISandra Nicholls / Studio Theatre
Crimes of the HeartChick BoyleKim McKaw / Studio Theatre
The Attic, The Pearls, and Three Fine GirlsJojoRob Moffat / U of A
King LearKing Lear (Acts I-III)David McNally / U of A
Dinner at EightLucyJohn Kirkpatrick / U of A
Italian Cabaret SketchesvariousDino Baiata / Puglia, Italy
Mad Forest dog, grandmotherJames MacDonald / U of A
Heloise, Observed One Night at the Moment of TemptationHeloiseKate Bateman / NextFest
The VisitClaire ZachanassianJonathan Seinen / U of A
Insider TradingJoanJohn Bolton / Walking Fish Festival

Ongoing Scene Study and Audition Technique: Studio on the Drive, Vancouver
Meisner 6 month Intensive: Lori Triolo, Vancouver
University of Alberta: BFA Acting (3 years): Graduate (honors)
University of Alberta: BA in Drama and Comparative Literature (4 years): graduate (honors)
Clown And Mask: Jan Henderson
Voice Coaches: David Ley, Betty Moulton
Improv & Solo Performance: Charlie Tomlinson, Sandra Nicholls, Kate Weiss